About the Authors


Ralf2Ralf Finchett Jnr

is an honors graduate from the Leeds Metropolitan University Centre for Project Management. The past chairman of the APM PMO Special Interest Group, he has also been a reviewer on the P3O guide, a committee member on the PMI’s Portfolio Body of Knowledge, and the co-founder of PMO Flashmob. Owner and Director of PMO Planet Consulting (@pmoplanet), Ralf is one of the most recognized PMO professionals in the UK, consulting (and a practitioner) with organizations on Strategic / Portfolio PMO, but also PMO’s on large and complex programs. Ralf started his career as a Project and Program Manager then moved into Strategic and Portfolio PMO’s over 10 years ago. He has been involved in over 15 PMO’s across varying sectors from I.T. (ICT), Financial Services and Banking, Logistics, Public Sector, Central Government, Retail and Telecoms. Ralf has worked with some of the largest retailers in the world and also alongside the UK Governments Major Project Authority, on budgets up to £2.5 billion. Away from work, Ralf enjoys blogging and speaking about Portfolio PMO’s; he also enjoys Martial Arts, and drinking Real Ale… but not at the same time!

Lindsay Scott

Lindsay Scott PMOhas been a PMO enthusiast since her PMO management career in the late 1990s. She is a Director at Arras People, a specialist in project management recruitment – as well as PMO of course! During this time she was also an active member of APM’s PMOSIG which existed for a decade before becoming part of the association. She has helped create some of the best PMO conferences in the UK during her time there. Now she’s still recruiting PMO professionals; getting PMO people together through the PMO Flashmob and The PMO Conference and enjoys writing on the topic for blogs and magazines. Co-editor of The Handbook of People in Project Management, you can find her on Twitter @projectmgmt. When she’s not being a PMO geek you’ll find her in the vegatable patch or dancing around the kitchen to 90s indie and dance tunes!

Ken Burrell

Ken Burrell Pragmatic PMOstarted his project management career as a PM in beer dispense equipment manufacturing. He moved into insurance, and then across to PMO – and has never looked back! He now provides specialist PMO services mostly to City of London insurers through short to medium term engagements of his company Brilliant Baselines. He enjoys helping projects and programmes run more robustly and efficiently, and helping portfolios to deliver better return on investment through the strategic application of the right PMO knowhow. Ken tweets links to interesting PPM articles as @Finance_PMO, and every now and then publishes his own insights on his blog. Away from work, he enjoys writing songs on various stringed and fretted instruments (some of which he built himself), and has just started learning to play the drums.

Stuart Dixon

Stuart Dixon Headshotfirst started in a PMO back in the early 1990’s, when it was a new and novel concept. Since then his enthusiasm for the subject has expanded and he strives to ensure that all PMOs can live up to their expectations. Stuart currently works as a trainer ensuring the next generation of PMO experts can have the benefit of his knowledge. He is the current chair of the APM PMO SIG, having spent the last few years as a committee member. He was part of the change authority for the 2013 refresh of the P3O Manual.When not enthusing everyone to become a PMO person, Stuart can be found working as a miller in a local watermill, so that he can make his own bread, pasta and cakes.